End of year reflections: State of service delivery and development in Lango

Oyam, Dec. 18, 2022: After 36 years of Museveni and his NRM/NRA rule, today I would like to reflect on the state of affairs in the Lango sub-region.

In the past few weeks, Lango have been in grief and agony upon the passing on of their gallant sons and daughters, May their Souls Rest in Peace!

Nonetheless, as the year 2022 comes to end, it’s important to reflect on our plight as a community. It’s true that Lango has been denied social development by the NRA/M regime besides repeated pledges by government actors, including President  Museveni himself.

I am hopeful that as we enter the New Year 2023, Lango will come together to re- invigorate the lost glory by reclaiming what belongs to them through spirited demands for the deserving share of national cake.

I therefore, wish to remind you of these deserving wealth /properties infrastructures grabbed, or destroyed or denied for access by Lango.

  1. Lira Spinning Mill (all the machinery taken away to Kigali).
  2. Maruzi Ranch (64,000 sq. hectares of land) cheaply sold.
  3. Adyeda Group Farm
  4. Lango business community land (Lira) Chamber of Commerce land
  5. Lira Cassava (Starch) Factory
  6. Denied access to the waters of Lake Kyoga and Kwania.
  7. Land and properties of Lango Cooperative Union 
  8. Ginneries in Lango (Odokomit) and public land in Awei and Otuke.

To confuse and blindfold Lango further, the NRA/M state has deliberately designed a strategy to keep Lango in waiting for the last 36 years through annual pledges. 



 While Lango remains  the most denied sub region of Uganda, several pledges have repeatedly been made by the NRA/M regime and President Museveni himself since 1986 (years) and yet unfulfilled. These include;

  1. The re-construction and construction of major road networks, highways, inter-district connecting roads, etc). Less than 3% of roads are tarmacked in Lango 
  2. The construction of Lango Cultural Palace (Abila a Lango).
  3. The construction of  Akiibua Memorial Stadium.
  4. The construction of Anai International Airport.
  5. The construction of an Industrial Park in Aler (Lango gave free land) 
  6. Phasing out of all PTCs and NTCs in Lango (Ngetta, Canon Lawrence, Abilonino, Amwa, etc) and existing properties left to rot.
  7. The compensation of animals taken by NRA in the late 80s (no clear payment besides court awards).
  8. Compensation of lives and properties lost during the LRA insurgency.
  9. Denied affirmative action on education, health, infrastructure; continued psychological trauma and social development besides being locked in the camps for 20 years during the LRA war. 

I wish to invite every Lango to reflect on the above and urge you to stand up to reclaim your deserving rights and past glory.

Finally, it’s unfortunate that the deliberate neglect of Lango is conspired by some of our very own filthy sucking cronies serving the regime.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

For God and My Country 

About the Author: Ishaa Otto Amiza: Is a Civil Political Activist/Founder of RU.

Editorial: TND News welcomes opinions, views from every member of the public on any topic. While we welcome them, we are not responsible for the outcomes such may bring. Further, we remain independent and always serving. 

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