Police, leaders link rampant murder cases in Lango to land wrangle

Last Updated on: 29th November 2021, 03:22 pm

In an interview with the North Kyoga Region Police spokesperson ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema on the issue, he said murder cases is rising in Lango because of relationship issues, land wrangles and domestic violence.

By Isabella Awor

Lira—29, November 2021: Between the months of June, July and August 2021, Lango sub-region recorded over 15 murder cases. Every week, at least three murder cases were reported to police.

In less than 60 days, TND News tally stood at 10.

On 19, July, ASP Patrick Jimmy Okema updated the media about the murder in Iceme, Oyam North in Oyam district.

The gruesome murder happened to Kazura Jonathan, 36 years of age. He was killed by his brother, Ogom Jonathan, 30.

Two days before Iceme’s incident, on July 17, 2021, in Kole district, Odongo Daniel alias Okello Ambrose, 24, was murdered. His suspected killer, according to the North Kyoga Police spokesperson was Odongo Denis, 20.

Recently, in an interview with TND News Isabella Awor, Okema called upon the district leadership, religious and cultural leaders and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to join hands in order to prevent murders in Lango.

“We are to start community dialogue soon in order to identify the problems the community is facing that is causing the rampant murder. However, my worry is: NGOs have spoilt the process of community dialogue whereby they always sponsor community for attending.”

“When we [Police] call for a dialogue, community always ask them for money,” he added.

Okema says Article 22 of the Constitution of Uganda talks about protecting right to life. According to Okema, parents have a significant role to play in their children’s life; they should learn to call a spade a spade than hiding things when their children are going wrong.

Leaders speak

The Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation (LCF) under the leadership of His Highness Yosam Odur Ebii, Robert James Ajal said, “Lango went through insurgencies in the past and locals suffered from mental health issues yet psychiatrists did not attend them to.”

Ajal added that “alcoholism and poverty,” is among reasons causing the rampant murder. “As cultural leaders we intend to have a dialoguing team to move from place to place and talk to people to stop murder.”

Pastor Johnson Ogema, Team Leader of Victory Outreach Ministries in Lira City who is also the chairperson Pastors and Elders Fellowship blamed parents for abandoning their responsibility of bringing up children and giving others the responsibility.

“… yet it’s their responsibility to instill discipline on their children for them to be morally upright,” Ogema said in an interview.


“God feels pain when people murder. If a person murders the other, curses follow him unless if the person comes out to confess his sins. If blood keeps spilling on the land curses can be on the land.”

As a Church he said they have counseling classes; engage youth in vocational training to reduce redundancy and they preach the words of God in radios, among others to console them.

Rev. Venerable James Okaka is the Arch-deacon of Lira Urban Archdeaconry and Vicar of St. Augustine Cathedral Barogole, Lira City. He said it’s everybody’s responsibility to see that murder stops in Lango.

However, he blamed “films children watch like boxing films,” and “training in boxing clubs.” “This is changing the behaviors of children.”

Jane Francis Oling is the chairperson of National Coalition for Human Rights Activist. She said cultural leaders and Members of Parliament have the obligation of teaching Lango community to learn to forgive, love one another and also teach them on the Laws of Uganda.

“For murder to end in Lango, the right to life should be respected which according to the bible ‘man does not have the right to take life’ and everyone have the right to live,” she added.

“Oyam has been the worst in in-house murders and police is not giving us the right data,” Oling told TND News in July.

She bashed cultural leaders, saying, “The leadership of Lango Cultural Foundation (LCF) is focused on money, donations and not peaceful coexistence in homes.”

“If the leadership of LCF doesn’t handle the many murder cases human rights defenders from Lango will take them to court.”

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