Kumi sub-county gets her first ever government aided school

By Jonah Osike

Kumi­—24, November 2021: The community of Moru village in Oogoria parish, Kumi sub-county in Kumi district is delighted upon receipt of a seed school.

Kumi seed secondary school is a government initiative under the Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers for Results Programme (UIGFTRP). The construction was done by Amuria Farmers and Transporters Company in May 2019.

Following its substantial completion, the school has now been handed over to Kumi district authorities.

Fiona Etilu is the director of Amuria Farmers and Transporters Company. She states that the reason behind the tremendous work they have done as a company is because of the “hardcore dedicated result oriented technical staff of Kumi district”.

“Today I will have peaceful nights because the district technical team has been on my neck day and night struggling to ensure quality work. I thank God for today,” she told the meeting.

She now advises the district leadership to ensure there is adequate security at school to guard against theft of school property.

Justin Orone is the district engineer Kumi. He reveals that the school comes with a variety of facilities that include; six classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and science laboratories, a spacious library and, six staff houses of two bedrooms and sitting rooms with a kitchen each.

The school also has three-two-stance vip-latrines for teachers and another for the administrators, two-five-stance latrines for girls and boys.

“In addition, the school also has ten solar security lights, two 5,000liter tanks and a complete perimeter fence among other facilities,” Orone told the members during the handover party.

Speaking as a representative of the district chairman, Sam Akol, the LC5 vice chairman applauds government for the initiative, and further commends the community for embracing the idea of establishing the first ever government school in Kumi sub-county.


With only one month until the reopening of schools, Akol now challenges the parents to use the opportunity at hand by sending their children to, now the nearest established school for easy monitoring.

“Let’s not look for far schools yet we now have a nearby fully fledged school here,” he told parents in attendance.

Kumi seed secondary school is now a big relief to thousands of [school] learners in the area who have been trekking for over six kilometers to the nearest school in search of education services.

John Michael Otai who is the district education officer (DEO) Kumi, calls upon the school administrators to emphasize that the teachers are ever on duty in order to ensure academic excellence of the school.

“Now that we have accommodation facilities here, let me warn the teachers whose shelter will be catered for, against absenteeism in advance. Should I come to school and get you absent, you will tell me why, yet you have where to sleep at school,” DEO said.

The school has been operating in Oogoria primary school with a total number of 15 teachers and two support staff.

Some community members commended government for what they call “a Godly given opportunity”.

“Some of our children have not attained education because of trekking long distances in search of education that prompted them to drop out of school,” one of the many residents told TND News.

Alfred Odongkara is the site engineer. He pledges on behalf of the company to fix any errors within the ‘six month defects liability period’, but warns that we will make no repairs for any malicious damages caused by the community members.

Kumi seed SS is an “O” and “A” levels day school that sits on about six (6) acres of government land.

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