DRC’s IGF chief receives Forbes’ Africa award for good governance

“The IGF carries out a financial patrol, which is an a priori control of the state’s finances…” IGF chief, Jules, said.

By Our Reporter

Kinshasa – Sept. 22, 2022: On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the Chief Inspector of the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) of the Democratic Republic of Congo received the Forbes Best of Africa Award during the US-Africa Investment Forum in New York. 

Jules Alingete was awarded the “Anti-Corruption Best Practice Award” in recognition of the work he has done in leading the IGF to implement good governance in the public institutions of the DRC, supporting the Head of State’s vision to establish effective management and fight corruption in all its forms, including the embezzlement of public funds and assets. 

The Chief of Service at the IGF received this prestigious award during an exclusive reception at the Museum of Art & Design in New York, following the US-Africa Investment Forum that met under the theme “Africa’s Role in Tackling Global Challenges.” 

Several prominent figures were present, including the Congolese Minister of Finance, Nicolas Kazadi, who spoke during the Panel Discussions that preceded the reception and conferral of the Forbes Best of Africa Award. 

Jules Alingete, stated, “The IGF carries out a financial patrol, which is an a priori control of the state’s finances. It is a preventive type of control done while planning public expenditures to prevent those who execute these expenditures from committing fraud or embezzlement. Therefore, it is an anticipatory control that ensures conformity with the actions of management that should be carried out.” 

He further explained that many countries, such as France and Belgium, have implemented this form of financial control for several decades. In the DRC, one of the challenges is discovering these instances of mismanagement after their occurrence and seeking justice to correct the financial injustices. 


Since his appointment in July 2020, Alingete has led the inspectors in their various control missions to restore the State’s finances. He further stresses the IGF’s role.

“It is far better to prevent the embezzlement of funds rather than discovering it had occurred while conducting a posteriori control. It is not easy implementing it in the DRC. Still, prevention is always better than a cure, and the work carried out by the IGF has significantly contributed to improving the country’s financial ranking with the international community.” 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), through its representative in the DRC, has also praised these efforts. Gabriel Leost, IMF’s representative in the DRC, has previously met with the entire body of finance inspectors to brief them on the content of the IMF’s $1.5 billion financing plan with the DRC government. 

During this visit to the IGF offices, he expressed, “We came to define the role that the IGF must play in achieving the objectives set out in this program. The IMF’s support is aimed at achieving good governance in the DRC and improving the quality of life of the Congolese people. For that, the IGF is called to reinforce its controls in all the components foreseen in this support.”

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