Positive Museveni speaks, “I have been very cautious with Corona”

Kampala, June 8, 2023: President of Uganda has tested positive for Covid-19. This news has left many Ugandans in a state of shock. 

Museveni is one of the few African presidents to have put strict measures to curtail Covid-19 spread and infections.

For years that the virus took charge, he never “masked down” and would meet only those who have taken Covid-19 tests in recent hours or days, even when they are vaccinated.

Museveni, 78, relaxed his routine Covid-19 menu in recent weeks and now, he’s positive.

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Read his full statement on Covid and Heroes’ Day celebrations.

Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu.

Greetings. Congratulations on the Heroes’ Day of tomorrow and Congratulations on Mwalimu Nyerere’s Prayer Day (the 1st of June) and on Martyrs Day (the 3rd of June).

I congratulate the security forces for blocking all the terrorist activities and ensuring that the huge celebrations (like those of the 3rd of June), took place without incident in spite of the terrorists operating in Congo, South Sudan, Somalia, Mozambique, etc.

After the very useful interactive retreat in Kyenkwanzi, I was already immersed in the activities in Kampala. However, on Tuesday, I started experiencing mild flu-like symptoms. I ignored the feeling and had my meetings in Entebbe as well as working on my voluminous State of the Nation Address.

Yesterday morning, however, I noticed some mild flu-like symptoms in one of the nostrils (the right one). That is when I called my doctors to take samples and rule out Corona. They took three samples- one rapid and two PCRs. The rapid one was negative and so was one of the PCRs.


However, one of the PCRs was positive. Taking precautionary measures, I traveled to Kololo, with a separate car from Maama’s car as the samples were taken back for reconfirmation. When I came back from Kololo, it was confirmed that I had Corona.

I have therefore, self-isolated at Nakasero and I have delegated my work for today and tomorrow (Heroes’ Day in Luwero) to Prime Minister, Robinah Nabanjja.

As everybody knows, I have been very cautious with Corona. However, recently, I had to give up masks because they have been causing me allergic reactions in the eyes and also in the throat. Do you remember when I lost my voice twice during the elections? That is part of the allergy.

I have, therefore, got the second forced leave in the last 53 years, ever since 1971, when we started fighting Idi Amin. One other time, was when I had a problem of sinuses and I had to lie low for some days at Mweya.

By God’s Grace all is well, and I am only experiencing mild symptoms. However, I always prefer to err on the side of caution and self-isolate for now.

God bless all of you.


Yoweri K. Museveni



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