Museveni directs State House to clarify “shielding corrupt” Dr. Musenero, 7 others

(Last Updated On: 15 April 2023)

Lira, April 15, 2023: Now in power for 37 years, President Museveni (NRM) government ministers and some state officials have started eating the resources that are not theirs.

These high-profile, highly guarded, and well-paid public servants think their subjects (ordinary Ugandans), many of whom are very poor, unemployed, and vulnerable should not benefit from their government. They are robbing day and night, according to what is being observed.

President Museveni came to power in 1986 and millions of people out of the current population were born during his political leadership. They are hungry and angry, they need services and employment.

However, their dreams are being acutely spoiled by those the President has appointed to help him rule the country. Especially, the ministers, both scientists, and non-scientists have become corrupt and frustrating.

In his most recent message to the country regarding corruption with a focus on the “OPM iron sheets scandal”, the President described his ministers’ actions “as subversive”.

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As millions of Ugandans knew a long time ago, the President is now aware he’s being blamed for “shielding corrupt officials” from investigations and prosecution.

The Head of State knows that his trusted Minister of Science, Innovations, and Technology, Dr. Monica Musenero who has been under the spotlight since she started misappropriating Covid-19 vaccine production funds would not survive jail if the system was very right.

Dr. Musenero and her ministry, according to the Auditor General Report was found to have misused over shs5.2b. Luckily enough, she has not been well quizzed and produced before the Courts. Some say she’s on her 36th day, four more days to reach 40 days.

In all these bad deeds by our politicians, the President has sincerely denied protecting those he always calls “crooks and sometimes pigs” from prosecution.

Latest directive

President Museveni now uses social media platforms like Twitter to respond and interact with “Ugandans on Twitter” about key issues – especially on the latest wave of dishonesty or corruption by those he appointed to help him serve.

“Ugandans on Twitter” has been asking him why he has always shielded other corrupt ministers from trials, including the former Prime Minister, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, and Dr. Monica Musenero, among others.

Below is what the State House posted on Twitter on Saturday:

“President @KagutaMuseveni has directed State House Commissioner Legal Affairs, Ms Florah Kiconco to respond to issues raised by among others; @AaronKaviiri on social media concerning the alleged shielding of “corrupt officials”; Amama Mbabazi, Dr Monica Musenero, Enrica Pinetti..”

“….Jenifer Bamuturaki, Sam Kuteesa, Jim Muhwezi, and Alice Kaboyo.  Ms Kinconco will shortly address the matter through a statement on the State House Website and the State House social media platforms.”

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