Bestiality: ‘I felt like… and i did it with a cow,” 28-yo Amolatar man says 

(Last Updated On: 14 May 2024)

Summary: A local politician is now blaming Lango cultural leaders and parents for poor child upbringing.

Amolatar | A member of the Amolatar district council who represents the residents of Awelo sub-county has placed a heavy burden of blame on parents and Lango cultural leaders for the current moral decline.

Ogwal Moris Omara has partially blamed young people for their actions, while blaming cultural leaders for the problem.

Ogwal, citing the recent incident reported in the district, claims that there is unmonitored moral decay among the youth in our community.

The incident involved man, 28, who was beaten for an “obscene act of bestiality.” Bestiality is not ‘best’ – it is an act of having sex with an animal.

“This incident is a clear indication of the failure of our cultural leadership to guide and discipline our children,” a local leader says.

Instead of accepting responsibility, Ogwal claims cultural leaders frequently blame the police for disrupting their efforts to discipline these children. 

However, he rejects this excuse. “Our cultural leadership structures, beginning with the household level, must demonstrate responsibility and rise above the occasion to address these vices among the young generation.” 

Ogwal tells tndNews that we must guide our children and support all possible initiatives to make them productive members of society rather than a liability.

 ”It is our responsibility to revive cultural values and customs that promote discipline, respect, and accountability. We must engage with our children, listen to them, and give them the guidance and support they need to make good decisions.

Recently, Ogwal Chris, 28, was caught sleeping with a cow in Atingi village, Awelo sub-county, Amolatar. 

“I felt like… and i did it with a cow,” says Ogwang.

Later, he received 25 strokes as punishment.

Otuk Albert, the Bako clan leader living in Awelo sub-county, condemns the act.

He attributes his “son’s” behaviour to drug abuse.

Amolatar’s bestiality case is the first to be reported publicly in Lango sub-region this year.

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