Farasis energy launches standard electric motorcycle battery globally 

(Last Updated On: 1 May 2024)

Indonesia | On April 30, Farasis Energy highlighted its industry leadership at the opening of the “Asiabike Jakarta 2024”, Southeast Asia’s premier two-wheeler exhibition running until May 4th in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

At the event, Farasis Energy, a global leader in lithium-ion battery technology, debuted its “Standard Electric Motorcycle Battery (7432, 7455)” for the first time. Further emphasising their dedication to enhancing electric mobility, Farasis Energy announced a strategic partnership with Singapore’s Moli Power. 

This alliance aims to significantly improve electric motorcycle charging infrastructure across Singapore and Southeast Asia, addressing challenges such as extended charging times and insufficient charging stations.

With 13 years of expertise in the electric motorcycle industry, Farasis Energy has consistently led the Chinese pouch lithium battery market within the battery swapping sector. 

Their leading partners in China include Yugu, Zhi Zu, China Tower,and Mengniu. The new ‘Standard Electric Motorcycle Battery’ offers significant benefits:

  • High Energy Density: 25% higher than the industry average, enabling a longer range.
  • Lightweight design: Weighing 0.5-2kg less than typical industry batteries due to high-energy-density pouch cells, facilitating easier handling.
  • Rapid recharging: Features a 5C peak charging rate, allowing batteries to recharge from 10% to 80% in just 15 minutes.
  • Powerful performance: Supports 8C high-rate discharge, reaching speeds of 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds with a maximum speed of 198 km/h.
  • Superior high-temperature performance: Large cell surface area and efficient thermal management minimize temperature rise during high-power discharges, extending high-temperature cycle life.
  • Enhanced safety: A leader in pouch cell capacity in China and ranked among the top three globally, Farasis Energy´s NCM pouch batteries have achieved automotive-grade safety certifications.
  • Durable cycle life: Meets the full lifecycle requirements of electric motorcycles and e-bikes, supported by comprehensive testing and certifications.
  • Upgradable standard battery format: Chemistry upgrades within existing battery cell dimensions enable seamless upgrades to the next generation 330+Wh/kg cells, helping customers achieve lightweight designs, shortening development times, reducing costs, and enhancing product competitiveness.

“Asiabike Jakarta 2024” marks Farasis Energy’s debut in Southeast Asia. Alongside its comprehensive ‘battery-electric motorcycle-swapping station-cloud platform’ solution for the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets.

 Farasis Energy is committed to developing high-performance products suited for tropical climates and expanding collaborations with regional electric motorcycle, battery swapping, and EV companies.

Published for PRNewswire on behalf of Farasis Energy.


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