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Govt may take over the administration of Lira City West Division

(Last Updated On: 12 April 2023)

Lira, April 12, 2023: The Central Government is considering taking over the leadership of Lira City West Division following failed council meetings stemming from bad blood between the speaker, mayor, and a section of councilors.

Lira City West Division has not held any council meeting for 10 months, including drafting and presenting before Council the budget estimates for the financial year 2023/2024.

This is because Mayor Mike Ogwal Achonga and his executives want Speaker Daniel Okello censured on allegations of being incompetent and for abusing his office.

Last month, the Speaker called for an emergency council meeting to have the draft budget tabled before councilors but 25 councilors and executives loyal to Mayor Achonga never showed up.

Speaking to TND News partner Radio, QFM, the Minister of Local Government Raphael Magyezi said the City Clerk and City Mayor should guide the leadership of City West positively.

Magyezi said, “If the councilors and executive fail to hold the Council meetings and subsequently fail to pass the budget, then the central government may have no option but to take over the leadership of the division.”

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“There is a law in place that allows the central government to take over the leadership in the lower local government whose leadership is not going in the right direction,” he added.

Lira City Council Speaker Patrick Okwir said as leaders of the higher Local government, they have been guiding the executives of Lira City West Division but they never welcome it.

Okwir has, however, welcomed the Minister’s proposal of taking over the leadership of Lira City West Division.

Tibihika Theophilus, the Lira City Council Clerk said that to minimize the confusion in Lira City West, he has decided to move Jimmy Angole (Division Clerk) from West to City East and he will be replaced by Emmanuel Komakech.

He confirms that if the Mayor and Councilors failed to reconcile and have the budget passed, he will go ahead to advise the Minister to take action.

By Ceaser Okello

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