International Women’s Day 2023: UPC full statement

Last Updated on: 8th March 2023, 12:07 pm

Today, March 8, 2023, the world converges to commemorate International Women’s Day under the theme: “Digit All: Innovation and technology for gender equality.”

By implication, gender equality and empowerment should take advantage of science and technology to enhance innovations in the day-to-day activities which demand full implementation of both Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) by our countries. 

International Women’s Day was domesticated in Uganda in 1984 under the 2nd UPC-led Government of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote (1980 – 1985). 

For this year’s celebrations, our national theme is: “Equal Opportunities in Education, Science and Technology for Innovation and a Gender Equal Future. ”

By the Government implementing Universal Primary Education (UPE) in 1997 and later Universal Secondary Education (USE) in 2007, equal opportunities in education are being availed to both girl and boy children.

The biggest challenge remains in the available facilities and their sustainability. There is underfunding at both levels by the government, forcing the lowering in quality of education and some parents are now avoiding both UPE and USE. 

As a country, we should work towards availing more resources and use them effectively such that we can generate a Gender Equal Future.

UPC recognizes the great contributions women can make to the social, political, economic, and cultural life and the part they play in their families. 

The Party acknowledges several Government initiatives towards promoting the cause of women such as affirmative action that has opened for them doors and increased their physical presence in both Parliament and local government, holding key positions in government and private sector

However, for the government to plan for women effectively, recognition of their diversity must be appreciated which includes; the women peasants who make up the bulk, the working-class, unemployed, and business women in both rural and urban areas, women organizations (National Council of Women, Mothers Unions), and youth mainly students and dropouts. 

The party urges the government to harness the energies and potentials of women of all categories in agriculture, commercial and industrial enterprises for the economic advancement of the country. 

For our rural women, the government should introduce environmentally friendly rural technologies to reduce heavy work in agricultural and industrial sectors as well as encourage e-commerce to facilitate women’s empowerment as the world is increasingly getting digitalized. 

Integrated training for rural women should also be organized to enhance their specialized knowledge which can lead to better opportunities in their respective environments. 

UPC appreciates the increased participation of women in business today. However, the Party has noted with concern that they face a lot of uncertainties ranging from fire outbreaks, theft, and climate change among others! 

We call upon the government to ensure that a broad range of insurance policies are designed to cover both informal and formal business activities. This creates stability in the market, easy taxation, and supervision as we work towards upgrading women’s activities in all sectors. 

UPC is convinced that once Education, Science, and Technology is invested in properly, can spur innovative solutions which help women and girls to unleash their human capital. 

Indeed, the sky can be the limit, if we developed ideas for the future and gain momentum of implementing them. 

For God and My Country. 

The author, Arach Oyat Sharon is the party spokesperson.


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