120 stolen cows recovered by UPDF in DRC’s north Kivu

(Last Updated On: 8 May 2023)

Kivu, May 8, 2023: Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) contingent conducting a peacekeeping support mission under the East African Regional Force (UGACON-EACRF) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-North Kivu successfully foiled and recovered 120 cows.

The cows were recovered from suspected Nyatura militiamen operating in the general areas of Kinyandoni, Bwito, Bwisha; Tongo and Binza in Rutshuru territory.

“The operation was successfully conducted following a timely intelligence and close coordination with the local community of Buhimba village approximately 09 kilometres from Kiwanja town council,” said Captain Kato Ahmad Hassan, Ugacon Pio-EACRF-DRC.

He also revealed that the rescue team was able to successfully thwart the theft of the animals and recovered the 120 heads of cattle easily with no exchange of gunfire during the pursuit of the militiamen.


The cows were handed over to the owner before an excited local community of Buhimba village who lamented that it was the first time animals are stolen and then safely recovered from the bandits and handed over to their respective owners.

David Mujungu, owner of the animals confirmed to the UPDF rescue team that the Collective Movement for Change (CMC) Nyantura militia group was behind the theft of his animals.

He thanked the UPDF contingent serving under the East Africa Community Force for the quick response during the rescue of the animals, adding that the militiamen normally abduct people and ask for ransom from the relatives of the abductees and if not paid in time, they are killed.

“Had the UPDF not responded in time, it would mark the beginning of my poverty and subsequent suffering,” Mujungu said.

UPDF contingent under East African Community Regional Force will remain resilient, committed, our resolve and determined towards the restoration of peace and stability and to secure people’s lives and property as per the EACRF mandate, Kato said.

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