Nyanjura Doreen: If Janani Luwum was alive

The previous generations had their prophets, the likes of Luwum and Festo Kivengere. They don't need…

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UPC’s full statement on national tours, NAM summit and violence

UPC demands focus and decisiveness by NAM so as to restore hope for a better future. 

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Lango in 2024: issues expected to dominate public debates 

“Poverty eradication in Lango will remain a thorny issue to be addressed through PDM, Emyooga and…

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A New Year message to the Lango community and beyond

The Lango community is a panelled wall of strength, resilience, and cultural richness.

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won nyaci

Won Nyaci transition: Senior diplomat, Moto Julius Peter advises Owitong

Owitong of Lango are set to elect the new Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) on January 31,…

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Restore respect for public service – UPC’s Muzeyi

UPC encourages the government to consider borrowing a leaf from such terror alerts despite coming from…

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The effects of climate change are on the rise 

The immediate challenge now is to deliver vital relief assistance to the affected families especially food,…

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Constituencies under opposition MPs bound to more suffering – analyst Denis Olodi

The opposition MPs have been demanding answers from the government on the whereabouts of Ugandans abducted…

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oyam north

Arach Oyat: Be cautious on a decisive move to reclaim oil imports 

The government's decision of buying bulk suppliers falls directly on the shoulders of Uganda National Oil…

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Uganda @61 years: “We need to be very much certain of our political future” – Arach Oyat

Come 9th October 1962, Uganda got her independence and UPC as a founding national political Party…

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