MECPA’s community monitors, farmers make impacts on wetland regeneration in Agweng

According to Ogwal, MECPA has "developed another angle" to address "the areas of stakeholder engagement."

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Joy as Lira City’s MP Dr. Aceng drills more boreholes 

Under WASH, Dr. Aceng has prioritised boreholes, particularly for residents in areas where NWSC connections have…

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Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng @56: Her contributions to Lira City under trade, industry, and tourism

MP Dr. Aceng paid an accumulated electricity (UMEME) bill of shs10 million for Lira main market…

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Lira: man who refused to eat beans for meat dead at 30 

Youths have warned of irresponsible drinking as Lira Police investigate the death of a man, 30.

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43 suspected “Owuwuk” gangsters arrested in Lira City

RCC Egole blamed the existence of Owuwuk on poor parenting as many of them are young…

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Poll shows Dr Aceng ahead of Amongi

MP Aceng is not scared, according to her response when asked by tndNews a few months…

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Fuel prices, constant power outages in Lira annoy business operators 

Joseph Omara, a welder who relies on power to operate his workshop, said he is having…

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Dr Jane Aceng's

Part 2: Inside the manifesto and achievements of Lira City Woman MP Dr Jane Ruth Aceng since 2021

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng's political office in Lira City boats of several achievements by the Woman…

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State House Anti-Corruption

State House Anti-Corruption Unit denies land allegations by Gender Minister

At the beginning of 2022, the State House Anti-Corruption Unit said it received intelligence and complaints…

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Lira City Woman MP race: Why Dr Jane Aceng will not survive Betty Amongi’s ‘furious onslaught’

Very trusted sources say Amongi wants to oust Aceng from the Lira City Woman MP in…

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