Mityana Police retrieves 1-and-half-year-old boy from pit latrine

The boy is currently receiving treatment at Mityana General Hospital, Police PRO Kawala said. 

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Lira city

North Kyoga: Christians advised to be vigilant during Easter

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Some witnesses in Thomas Kwoyelo’s case have passed on as trial resumes

Kwoyelo, 52, was captured in 2008, and first appeared before the ICD in 2011, making him…

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Kole boy, 16, defiled by married woman, 20: his hut set ablaze 

Apio is a married woman in her late 20s. She is a resident of Aeronyero village,…

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Why Kole district killed 8 monkeys, 1 wildcat in two days

The Uganda Wildlife Legislative Framework for species protection and illegal trade endeavours to address these conservation…

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Karamojong invaders: MP Aber urges security to respond to issues

Last month, Agago reported at least two murder cases in which Karamoja rustlers or invaders were…

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Rustlers kill two in Agago 

 Over the past month, the Agago RDC Emmanuel Okot passed several security warnings to the public…

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Suspected Karamojong rustlers kill one in Agago

Adilang sub-county is one of the bordering sub-counties in Lira Kato, Omiyapacwa, Laperebong and Lapono in…

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Agago: Armed robbers force shop owners to close by 8 pm

RDC of Agago, Emmanuel Okot condemned the act of robbery by some unknown people. He also…

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Agago: Residents cry for justice as police forms are allegedly sold 

David Ongom Mudong, PRO of Acwa River Region, said police forms are free of charge and…

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