Kumam leader tells subjects, “guide your children”

The Kumam cultural leader cited Aburuburu, Alwa, and Oryemu as places where boys are raping and…

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Sun24 could potentially end the production of charcoal in Africa

Let's put an end to the filthy production of charcoal in Africa, says Kevin McLean.

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Soroti City to host National Museum Day 2024 

The ICOM General Assembly in Moscow, Russia, passed a resolution declaring International Museum Day.

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Emorimor WPFD24 message to journalists: “delve deeper into issues affecting the community”

Emorimor acknowledged the press' commitment to uncovering the truth and shedding light on the most pressing…

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Using wave measurement technology to protect Vietnam’s coastal population

Understanding wave progression to develop effective coastal protection systems

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How Lango plans to raise shs2.8 billion for the November event

At least shs2.8b is required for the November event, and Lango only has shs1m as of…

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Climate crisis fueling gender-based violence in Karamoja

The issues of climate change now experienced in the sub-region and the country at large like…

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Climate change

Why climate change severely affect women?

Florence Amungo, 45, is one of tens of thousands of South Sudanese displaced by catastrophic harsh…

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Cultural devotees bemoan the death of nanga in Acholi culture

Geoffrey Okello Okuna, the Acting Prime Minister of Acholi Cultural Institution, said cultural institutions are looking…

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Pader locals survive on water sources overrun by maggots  

Olanya Patrick, the Pader district water officer, said there is a need to treat contaminated water…

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