MP Tonny Ayoo addresses concerns following PLU appointment 

Our focus on the common good associated with the emergence of PLU must take precedence over…

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Full statement from UPC ahead of Heroes Day 

The theme for this year's Heroes Day activity in Gomba District is "Hail our Heroes; A…

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Waraga pa ‘Onenocan’ Mathias Mpuuga bang ‘Ojudaya’

Ka ce lok ada ni waraga man in aye icoyo dok bene in aye iketo cingi…

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Letter from Iowa to Dokolo [Lango] and Dr Tanga Odoi

Until today, we have girls in Tororo defecating in the bush and you go to Dokolo,…

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Celebrating unity and tradition: A Christmas message to friends, families, and the Lango community

May this Christmas be a time of reflection, gratitude, and a renewed commitment to preserving the…

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The Athanasious Beekunda family: “Thanks for your support and decent sendoff of Mama Beatrice”

Mrs Beatrice Beekunda died a happy and joyful mother who believed in prayers and her God. 

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Mugalu to Welby on Anti-gay: “We do pray for you and other leaders in the Church of England to repent”

We wonder if Abp Welby has written to encourage the Anglican Bishop of Cyprus and the…

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“Speak truth to power and pay the price if you must,” KCCA Deputy Lord Mayor to clergy

“As we celebrate this most solemn season of the Christian calendar, the death and resurrection of…

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First Lady Janet Museveni: “Jesus Christ knew in advance how hard it would be”

Our hopelessness was truly finished because in Him we are victorious no matter how the situation…

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Museveni talks tough on corruption, the economy in Easter message

"Before independence, the few politicians that were around, such as IK Musaazi, had no access to…

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