Why Evangelist Albert Mvila is expected in Uganda next week 

Mvila has been conducting the Africa Tour where he has planned to visit South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Ghana. 

UAFCR to collect 1,000 units of blood this week

The blood donation drive comes ahead of a youth crusade dubbed Patriotic Youth Mega Crusade due this Saturday September 2, 2023 at Kirama Church in Kaliro district.

Universal Apostles Church of Righteousness launches “patriotic youth gospel crusade” in Busoga

Prophet Fred David Isanga, popularly known as Prophet David is the main leader and founder of Church of Righteousness.

Mugalu to Welby on Anti-gay: “We do pray for you and other leaders in the Church of England to repent”

We wonder if Abp Welby has written to encourage the Anglican Bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf to publicly advocate for decriminalizing homosexuality in the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East?

Canterbury writes to Archbishop Mugalu to withdraw support for Anti-gay Law

“I make this public statement with sorrow and with continuing prayers for reconciliation between our Churches and across the Anglican Communion,” writes Archbishop Welby

Archdeacon Banja bashes West on anti-gay law: ‘We don’t mind about your peanut support’

Uganda’s anti-gay law has raised global condemnations with calls for repeal. The East African nation is not threatened by the pressures it has received so far.

Church of Uganda commends Parliament, grateful for Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023

The Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 is good and we are grateful to the President for assenting to it. But, it will not solve all of our problems. We must also examine our own hearts and repent of sexual greed,” says Archbishop. 

Lira Catholic Diocese ordains four deacons to the priesthood

During the ordination, Lira Catholic Diocese Bishop did some reshufflement and posted the newly ordained priests to their different places of work. 

2 held for stealing Church’s salts, beans in Oyam town

Jimmy Anna Odoc, the Catechist of the Church believes that the recovery of the stolen items was possible with God’s intervention and collective team work from community members, bodaboda cyclists and the Police of Oyam.

Bishop of West Lango cautions believers against sacrificing faith on the altar for negative foreign cultures      

After the service, members gathered in the Church Gardens for an agape meal which climaxed with the launch of the Lango Community Fellowship by the visiting Bishop.