Brig Gen Besigye tells Karama combat engineer graduates to stay disciplined 

Besigye Bekunda expressed his joy at officiating at the important graduation ceremony, noting that the school,…

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Jire clan

Jiddo and Garre clans in Quoryole advised to reconcile

Colonel Magino met the Jiddo and Garre clans leaders in Quoryole and advised to reconcile.

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Notorious ADF commander ‘Baghdad’ killed 

The notorious ADF commander is said to have been born in Kyazanga, greater Masaka, in Southwestern…

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Pressure group writes to PM Nabbanja to have missing Kiblama released

John Bosco Kiblama went missing since June 3, 2019.

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Major General Dick Olum tells 461 LDP he passed out to “be mission ready” 

Brig Gen Steven Mugerwa, and senior and junior officers under the Mountain Division were all present.

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Ex-LRA rebels and their families, back home 

The ex-LRA rebels will land in the country by 3 p.m. on Thursday, September 28, 2023,…

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UPDF’s marines brigade gets skills for operations on water

Brig Gen Gureme commended the Commander of the Marines Brigade for his support and continued follow-up…

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EACRF Uganda contingent in North Kivu rallies Congolese towards peace

The EACRF Uganda Contingent Commander echoed to the members that UPDF is a pro-people army and…

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Ukraine Solidarity Committees protest 10-yr contract to a Russian Co. for a digital monitoring system in Uganda

"We are going to mobilize Ugandans, to demonstrate protesting against awarding a Russian Company a contract,…

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“Al-Shabaab took advantage,” Museveni says after attack on UPDF base

"This unfortunate incident should be used to remind all those concerned, that operations in Somalia," says…

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