Stanchion appoints Shaun Hulley as global sales engineering leader 

Stanchion CEO Steve Kirrage says he is excited to welcome Hulley to the Stanchion team. 

Banking on chat: How AI makes ‘cents’ for finance companies

MoData has partnered with leading AI-solutions provider Druid AI to offer a Collaborative Conversational AI platform to their clients.

How a CRM can help you scale up and cash in during seasonal shopping peaks

So, what should companies be looking for in their CRM? First up is scalability, says Hewson.

The road ahead for FedNow: collaborative efforts and advanced technologies in the fight against APP fraud 

The rise of real-time payments has brought unprecedented convenience to consumers but has also exposed them to the growing risk of APP fraud.

Uncertainty in the payments industry: A guide to NIST recommendations and post-quantum cryptography

As Valakas points out, one of the key challenges for the payments industry relates to product vendors and third-party risks.

Report: Payment card fraud losses worldwide exceeded $32 billion in 2021

In addition to the financial and reputational impact of fraud on merchants and issuers, there are also the costs associated with high levels of false declines.

enza group and Wema Bank join forces to boost e-commerce payment acceptance

In a region where digital payment technologies are rapidly evolving, this partnership provides both enza and Wema Bank a platform to redefine the ecommerce payment landscape.

DRUID forms strategic alliance with MoData: Pioneering AI-powered customer engagement

DRUID actively builds on its vision to provide each employee with an intelligent virtual assistant, establishing an extensive 160+ partner network and servicing 200+ clients worldwide. 

Posta Uganda launches affordable stamps to aid migrants’ remittances

Posta Uganda looks set to undertake last miles service, in addition to sending stamps to all branches across the country.

Stanchion’s experience in Europe can help retailers migrate their payment switch to the cloud

In Stanchion’s experience, organisations need at least two years from initial decision to going live, depending on the infrastructure’s complexity.