UPC retains Lira City West’s mayoral seat 

The division top seat could not be subjected to a by-election due to "many factors".

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The top story from Oyam in April 2024 

Oyam district is in Lango West, Lango sub region.

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Daughter arrested to aid in father’s murder investigation 

Emmanuel Odongtoo, LC1 chairperson of Obot B village, reported the murder to Aromo police post.

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Div., speaker issues terms before the 2024/5 budget is approved 

Lira City West Division is expected to approve its 2024/5 budget on May 31, 2024 and…

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Anxiety as rains damage roads in Amac town council

The current rains, unreliable in some areas, recently caused flooding in Dokolo district, displacing dozens of…

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For better outcomes: FICH takes Oyam schools to Apac 

The Inspector of Schools, Oyam district Benson Ongom, highlights that Abalokweri was chosen to help the…

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By-elections: Dokolo borrowed from Oyam to knock down NRM 

The ruling NRM party has lost two successive by-elections in Lango in less than a year.

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Seven months of life cut short 

Once given the right to life, Esalu said the girl child would have been an important…

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Madhvani guard killed by man he found red-handed having sex with his wife 

Avaga died at Madhvani Hospital where he was rushed for medical attention and treatment after heavy…

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Lent shame! Renowned driver, married woman conjoin during cheating exercise

The driver travelled more than 20km to cheat on a married woman.

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