Gulu city launches physical development plan 

Peter Banya, deputy resident city commissioner [RCC] said he was disappointed by the absence of the critics during the launch. 

Fighting menstrual stigma: Construction of girls’ changing rooms starts at Angaya primary 

 “Any young girl who passes through a stage of stigma from school will not be free in her study because the menstruation period is a monthly thing which will be happening as we grow.”

Gulu University to promote bodybuilding as association sets contest for Mr Acholi 

Michael Ojok,  chairperson of NUBBFA says they will host the 3rd edition of Mr Acholi’s bodybuilding competition.

Mitigating climate change: Estonian firm seeks idle land in the North to plant bamboo trees

“We are a company with a strong social impact, focused not only on restoring nature but also on supporting local communities and mitigating climate change,” Kristjan Raude said.

Northern Uganda: musician turn to poultry farming to supplement earning

After starting the venture with 200 birds, seven months later, musician Ezzy says he has over 2,000 birds at his farm in Koro.

Gulu FDC party leaders demand reconciliation as internal roars shock nation

The FDC leaders in Gulu have warned NRM not to celebrate the internal issues at their party, saying they are going to reconcile.

Years later, Covid-19 survivors in Gulu still face public stigma

Terra Renaissance, a Nongovernmental organization working towards zero tolerance to the stigmatization of Covid-19 survivors, wants many stakeholders should be brought on board to address public stigma.

OWC moves to prioritise the private sector in Northern Uganda

The OWC chief, Saleh has requested all the technocrats to file the status of storage facilities and agro-processing machines such as rice and maize mills which were procured by the government.

Gulu City Council seeks 100 hectares of land for a golf course

Alfred Okwonga, mayor of Gulu city council says a preliminary survey on Pece stream channel land belonging to the city indicates that the size of the land is inadequate.

Youth urged to fight climate change and take lead in tree planting for green city statuses   

Climate change is the leading cause of low crop productivity and drought not only in Uganda but across different nations.