6 vital ways CRM is fuelling growth and boosting sales for South African businesses

“The positive results we see from our customers who have implemented our CRM and contact centre solutions underscore the fact that companies who are able to quickly adapt to these changes have happier employees and more loyal customers – and as a result, improved sales figures.”

Empowering account holders by giving them control of their payments

To remain competitive, payments players need to be able to accelerate their time to market with new products and offering, while minimising the operational and security risks of rapid innovation

Anel Parkin appointed as client director at MoData

The MoData team of specialists prides itself on its agility and entrepreneurial approach to finding smart solutions to clients’ needs, with an emphasis on cost optimisation, back-office transformation, and customer satisfaction.

ClaimShare helps prevent duplicate payouts in insurance industry

ClaimShare is all about collaboration within the industry, and by working together, insurers and their customers all stand to win.

How advanced automated operational risk management can protect your payments switch environment

SwitchCare can be likened to the difference between a medical check-up at your local GP where he listens to your heart rate and takes your blood pressure versus blood tests looking in detail for anomalies.

How GCX helps large organisations drive a zero waste to landfill agenda

As sustainability solutions experts, GCX can help your organisation move towards becoming a ZWTL business by establishing a strategic roadmap.

Fire rages out of control in South African parliament

South Africa’s seat of parliament in Cape Town had not been brought under control by firefighters after more than six hours, with authorities fearing “significant” damage.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu dies at 90

 Desmond was a South African Anglican bishop and theologian. He was an anti-apartheid and human rights activist. He left behind Nomalizo Leah Tutu and more than three children. 

Museveni to deliver presidential keynote speech at African Energy Week 2021

By giving a Presidential keynote address at the continent’s top energy event, H.E. President Museveni will not only place Uganda on the map as an attractive investment destination but will emphasize the country’s role in Africa’s overall energy and economic future.

Q&A on political violence as South Africa ranks fifth in latest survey

It is imperative for companies operating in countries that have a high risk of political or social upheaval to think deeply about how they can best protect their assets and people.