Bola Tinubu, 70, declared President-Elect of Nigeria

Nigeria went to the poll on February 25 to elect a new president and the election has been criticized in the country.

TNDQuestions: How Wabi is digitizing traditional trade channels in Nigeria

Lagos is the most vibrant economic hub in Nigeria, and so our immediate focus is to grow across all neighbourhoods in Lagos. Next year, however, we will be expanding to other cities across Nigeria.  

Zwarttalent urges governments across Africa to tackle poverty with tech education

“Our solution is quick, effective and not time-consuming compared to the typical education we are all familiar with.”

Zwarttech launches new website to optimize experience of hiring IT experts within 24 hours 

Ajulo adds: “With this approach, we believe we can create a just, equitable and inclusive world.”

Can Africa fund its way out of poverty?

Importantly, donor bodies and development should ensure that monies are spent on sustainable projects to combat poverty on the continent. This may warrant not giving a large chunk of the aid to the government.

ZwartTech launches cybersecurity arm to provide full digital protection to businesses

This is why we are launching a cybersecurity arm to offer the best digital security for startups, businesses and government at the most affordable price

UN: India lifted 271 million people out of poverty in 10 years

India lifted 271 million people out of poverty between 2006 and 2016, recording the fastest reductions in the multidimensional poverty index values during the period with strong improvements in areas…

Having sex in car not a crime – says Police

Police Force has come out to say it is not a crime to have sex in a car. The Force said it could be considered criminal if one has sex…

Nigerian opposition aims to outflank Buhari with regional strategy

ONITSHA, Nigeria – The main challenger in Nigeria’s election next year aims to outflank President Muhammadu Buhari by campaigning in a sometimes neglected part of the country where the incumbent…

Dangote urges deepening of African economy through free trade

Speaking during “One to One Conversation” at the on-going 5th annual Financial Times African Summit, the Nigerian entrepreneur said the key to Africa’s economic growth and strength is in the…