‘Rwot me Otengoroolang’ arrested for stealing a cow 

(Last Updated On: 16 June 2024)

Amolatar |On June 11, Okwir Patrick was arrested by police from Agoga Outpost on accusation of stealing Ojok Peter’s cow.

The individuals mentioned above are from Akongomit parish, Awelo sub-county in Amolatar district.

Police discovered that he had earlier purchased a cow from someone but later sold it for a profit.

Okwir, the “Rwot” (Chief) of the Otengoroolang clan, was arrested at around 8:00 a.m.

He also had in his possession a fake animal permit for Ojok’s animal.

When asked for comment from the Agoga police cell, Okwir said he did not have anything to say.

However, he eventually stated, “What you are hearing is exactly what happened.”

A criminal case was opened at Agoga Police Outpost under SD03/11/06/2024.

However, by press time on Sunday, Okwir had escaped from the police cell, and a search for him was underway.

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