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Amugu SS seeks government support

(Last Updated On: 14 June 2024)

Alebtong| Since the government took over Amugu senior secondary school in Alebtong district nine years ago, the school has remained in poor condition.

Caleb James Ogwang, the headteacher, revealed this on Monday.

On the same day, the Board of Governors released some of the requests it made directly to the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Speaking on behalf of the Board, the headteacher stated that since the government took over the school from the parents in 2015, there have been no new investments or developments made to the school.

Ogwang added that the parents established Amugu Senior Secondary School as a community school in 2007.

“But the achievement came in 2015, when the government took over. I want the public to know that performance has improved since 2015.

Their biggest challenge, he said, is the classroom blocks and student dormitories.

Amugu Seed has 571 students enrolled in both the “O” and “A” levels, with 34 teachers.

Twenty of those teachers are on the government payroll, while 14 are paid by their parents.

The head teacher also expressed his dissatisfaction with the condition of the school sciences laboratory.

Amugu seed
Amugu’s sciences laboratory. Photo by Denis Arao.

“As a school, we are now requesting that NGOs come and support this institution, as the government has taken a long time since 2015.”

Amugu’s parents are very committed, and I must thank them, he said.

“I would like to clarify that normal teaching has been going on since the school started for term two. Last week, it was revealed that some students had been arrested. It is not true what they are alleging; students were disappointed with the shelter’s poor condition.”

Jamila Akello, a district representative on the board of governors, disagreed with social media rumours that some students had been arrested for leading the strike.

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“I would like to clarify that no students were arrested, and the strike was not carried out.”

Akello, who also represents the people of Amugu town council and sub-county on the district council, serves as secretary for community-based services.

She told the media that since the district built two classrooms, the government has not built any new learning blocks.

“As the Board of Governors, we will address some of the challenges that management can handle.”

Celeb Ogwang James has led Amugu Seed to success in both UCE and UACE exams.

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