Gen Gonyi

Brig Gen Gonyi stresses the importance of regional integration

(Last Updated On: 4 June 2024)

Entebbe | The Chief of Staff-Air Force, Brigadier General David Gonyi on June 3 underscored the importance of regional integration.

According to the General, it is the most effective way to ensure the survival of Eastern African Standby Force member states.

He was officiating at the start of a 14-day Battlegroup Commanders’ Course at the United Nations Regional Service Centre Entebbe.

Gen Gonyi implored the participants to work towards regional integration.

The course, which has attracted participants from Eastern Africa Standby Force member states, aims to enhance the interoperability between member states and promote regional integration.

Gonyi noted that the course provides the trainees and potential battlegroup commanders with essential skills and knowledge to conduct tactical planning during peacekeeping operations effectively.

He appreciated the Eastern Africa Standby Force Secretariat for assuring that all the member states get the opportunity to host such activity.

The member states participating in the course are drawn from Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Comoros, Rwanda, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.

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