World Press Freedom Day

Emorimor WPFD24 message to journalists: “delve deeper into issues affecting the community”

(Last Updated On: 3 May 2024)

Soroti | The Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) Royal Leader, His Highness Emorimor Paul Sande Etomeileng Emolot, has expressed concern and solidarity with journalists as they commemorate World Press Freedom Day (WPFD24) on May 3.

In his message, Emorimor acknowledged the press’ commitment to uncovering the truth and shedding light on the most pressing issues. He calls such efforts “truly commendable”.

“As we commemorate this occasion, I would like to emphasise the importance of information access. It is critical that journalists have the freedom to gather and disseminate information without interference, as this is the foundation of a healthy democracy. 

“I urge all those in authority to ensure that journalists are not restricted from doing their job effectively, as this is essential for the well-being of our society.

“However, I must also express my concern regarding some journalists who have chosen to use their platform for personal gain or to further the agendas of other politicians.” 

According to High Highness, this is not only unethical but also undermines the integrity of the profession. 

I implore all journalists to remain committed to their core values and to prioritise the truth above all else, he urged.

To improve their working relationship with those in authority, he suggested that journalists focus on building trust through transparency and accountability. 

“By doing so, they can foster a more collaborative environment that benefits both the journalists and those they cover. 

“In the context of Teso Uganda and Kenya, I encourage journalists to delve deeper into the issues that affect our community, such as climate change, and to provide coverage that is both informative 

“I would like to emphasise the importance of journalists in Ateker. Your role is crucial in keeping us informed and holding those in power accountable.

“I urge you all to continue striving for excellence in your work and to remain committed to the values of your profession.”

In honour of World Press Day, journalists in the Teso sub-region began tree planting activities in educational institutions in an effort to combat climate change.

Teso Journalists for Community Empowerment (TEJFOCE) distributed nearly 1000 tree seedlings to Soroti City’s primary and secondary schools, churches, and other institutions.

According to Vice Chairperson Robert Edwomu, the journalists hope to plant and grow 10,000 trees throughout the region.

Government, church, and school leaders have praised journalists for their initiative, which acknowledges the region’s environmental crisis.

By Robert Edwomu.

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