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Probi partners with Bower to encourage increased recycling among consumers

(Last Updated On: 25 April 2024)

Probi AB aims to improve its sustainability efforts, including reducing its carbon footprint in the world.

In accordance with the UN’s global goal 12 “Sustainable production and consumption”, Probi AB has now started a collaboration with Bower to inspire the company’s consumers to increase recycling.

Bower offers a mobile application that rewards the recycling of consumer packaging at regular recycling stations.

The app allows consumers to earn points for recycling packaging, and users earn more points by recycling products from the brands affiliated with Bower. The points can then be converted into vouchers, money or donated to charity.

Probi’s sustainability specialist, Martin Krogh-Poulsen, comments on the initiated cooperation by emphasizing the importance of recycling.

Recycling is essential for our planet. It reduces air pollution, conserves natural resources, saves energy and indirectly reduces the stresses and strains that many species face in today’s world.

By encouraging consumers to recycle Probi products, we are taking a greater responsibility for protecting ecosystems and reducing carbon emissions.

In the same way that consumers can deposit plastic bottles, the ambition is to make the recycling of other consumer packaging profitable for the consumer.

Through this initiative, both Bower and Probi hope to contribute to increased recycling in society. Probi’s Marketing Manager, Alexia Wilhelmsson, continues.

“We are proud to have started a partnership with Bower. By being available in the Bower app, we hope to inspire our consumers to increase recycling, which is especially important from an environmental point of view.

“Initially, we will offer “deposit” on Probi products in Sweden and Norway. We hope that this initiative will lead to an increased commitment to recycling in society,” Alexia adds.

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