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Amolatar: Woman, 20, stabs her husband, 24, to death 

(Last Updated On: 25 April 2024)

Amolatar | Police in the Amolatar district say they have intensified their search for Loy, also known as Margaret, 20, who is accused of killing her husband.

The search was prompted by a report filed with the police by Luka Opio, 34, of Acilidwe village, Bangladesh parish, Namasale sub-county, Amolatar.

North Kyoga Police PRO SP Patrick Jimmy Okema has identified the deceased as Patrick Ojok, 24.

 Ojok was a fisherman from Acilidwe village, Bangladesh parish, in Amolatar. According to Okema, his wife stabbed him with a blunt object.

According to preliminary findings, on April 24, 2024, at around 1 a.m., Okello Richard, the deceased’s neighbour, overheard Ojok arguing with his wife about a bed sheet. 

However, at around 2 a.m., Okello discovered the deceased on his door, bleeding heavily.

According to the police report, Okello went to check on the deceased’s condition around 6 a.m. but found him helpless. He later informed the landlord, who reported the incident to police.

SP Okema confirmed that the district CID officer and team visited the crime scene and documented it, as well as recording witnesses to aid in future investigations.

Ojok’s lifeless body was transported to Amolator Health Centre IV for postmortem examination, while the suspect remains at large.

Okema vowed that the police would fully investigate the case and bring the suspect to court.

The Resident District Commissioner of Amolatar, Francis Okello Rwotlonyo, confirmed the tragic incident. He condemned the prevalence of murder as a result of domestic violence in the Lango sub-region.

“It is so unfortunate that North Kyoga is constantly reporting cases of murder in the area. However, Amolatar has not witnessed such cases in a while,” said RDC Rwotlonyo.

With the rising number of murders in the sub-region, Francis Rwotlonyo is now urging various stakeholders, including religious and cultural leaders, to engage community members in dialogues, which he believes will help mitigate the vice.

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