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Alito joint cooperative gives United seeds ultimatum over shs91m debt

(Last Updated On: 20 April 2024)

Kole | Alito Joint Cooperative Society Limited in Kole district has given United Seeds (U) Ltd five days to pay their money of over shs91 million.

Over 16,815 cooperative members have come together to seek legal redress against United Seeds’ managing director and his company if they fail to pay the outstanding amount.

The chairperson of the cooperative’s board, Rev. John Christopher Okwanga, stated that the accused, Herbert Okello (the managing director), signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the society on March 3, 2023.

He revealed that following the agreement, they supplied Okello’s company with over 18.5 tonnes of soybeans (Maksoy 6N) worth shs4,200 per kilogramme.

“I want to assure the public that Okello signed a contract stating that if he fails to pay the money after one month, he will pay a 5% penalty.

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“If he does not commit to his request within these five days, we will summon him on Monday, April 23 and charge him with conning.”

 According to James Olwi, one of the witnesses in this agreement, Herbert Okello and his company have completely failed to meet his request.

“I am encouraging Okello to think twice and commit early to avoid inconvenience.”

The cooperative in the news (Alito) began in 1998 with only five members and has since grown to over 16,815 registered members.

It was established under Ugandan laws to engage in farming activities, including the purchase, production, sale, and distribution of agricultural products in Northern Uganda.

When asked for a comment, Okello, who is currently on fire, told our reporter to go write the story. Sir, we have actually just done that!

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