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North Kyoga traffic officer Lumumba, bodaboda leaders trade accusations

(Last Updated On: 18 April 2024)

Lira | Moses Okori, former chairman of the Lira City Boda Boda Association, and North Kyoga Regional traffic officer SP Mathias Okwir Lumumba are accusing each other of both simple and complex wrongdoings.

While SP Okwir has denied Okori’s allegations that he is causing division among Lira City boda boda members and receiving “a bribe”, he has vowed to pursue legal action.

SP Okwir addressed the media in Lira City on Wednesday. He denied the allegations and warned Okori not to tarnish anyone’s reputation in this country without evidence.

“As a trained senior police officer who has served this country for over 34 years and has protected my reputation, I want to clear the air on Okori’s allegations against me.

“I want Okori to understand that I am not a politician, and my job as a police officer is to protect people’s lives and property in any part of the country, whether you are Ugandan or not. I must protect both life and property,” he stated.

“With immediate effect, I want Okori, who claims to be chairman of the Lira City United Motorcycle Boda-boda Association, to bring in evidence and a witness who was present when I received the shs10 million from the politician he mentioned. If not, I will deal with Okori in accordance with the law of this country,” Okwir roared.

The regional traffic officer has advised his foe, Okori, to open a case against him; otherwise, he has stated, “I will open a case against him.” Okori must be aware that my job is as a traffic officer in the road safety department, where boda boda also falls.”

According to Sam Odongo, chairperson of the Lira City East Division boda boda association, Okori Moses is no longer the association’s leader.

Odongo added that there had previously been a lot of division in the leadership. “Now we have come together following our meeting last week at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Lira City.”

Okori, whose term had ended, wanted to begin disorganizing the association, Odongo said, revealing that Okori was using the fights in the association leadership to fulfil his mission.

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“According to me, Afande Okwir is a good leader who seeks peace and unity among the people. I am asking Okori to apologise to Afande Okwir for his reckless statement. On my side, as a leader, let him stop introducing himself as a leader; otherwise, we will arrest him, Odongo told tndNews.

Owera Juma is the chairman of Lira City West Division Boda-boda Riders’ Association. He told our reporter that they are not fighting any leader.

“Okori is now the director of his company, Lumba, which lends motorcycles to boda boda riders. He is also not a leader in any position within our association.

“I want people to disregard Okori’s statement because he leads his company.”

A couple of years ago, fights broke out within boda bodas after their then-leader Okori disappeared with more than sh30 million from President Museveni.

However, Okori, who was asked to give a statement to Police, stated that the money Muesveni gave him at Lira University was not for boda boda riders.

He claimed that the President appreciated him. “People should not bring what happened in the past today.”

Okori maintains that he is the leader of the Lira City boda boda association. “Owera and Odongo are not elected leaders. I am ready to wait for the arrest; let him come and arrest me.”

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