Kenyan First Lady: “Revival prayers have fertilised Uganda land.”

(Last Updated On: 17 April 2024)

According to Kenya’s top digital media outlet, Citizen Digital, the country’s First Lady, Rachel Ruto, has stated that Ugandans do not use fertiliser.

The First Lady added that land in the neighbourhood is fertile thanks to East African revival prayers.

Rachel Ruto claims that Ugandans no longer fertilise their crops because the country is not only fertile but also receives adequate rainfall throughout the year.

“Speaking during a thanksgiving service at KICC on Monday, Mama Rachel further claimed Uganda has been blessed because of the East African revival that swept the country in the 1930s, where ‘God blessed them with fertile land and rains.’” Citizen Digital reported.

It’s these prayers, according to the First Lady, that saw Ugandans start planting their crops without fertiliser, the publication added.

“Their land is very fertile and there is enough rain. I came to discover one thing; it is the East African Revival that swept Uganda and some parts of East Africa,” Mama Rachel said.

“She narrated how in 2022 she visited Uganda and found the country very green, while Kenya was dry and people were suffering.

“The First Lady said she went down on her knees and prayed for rain.

“She urged attendees of the Thanksgiving service to embrace prayer and always thank God for everything.

“Further, Rachel wished that, just like Americans have a Thanksgiving holiday, Kenya will one day have such a holiday to pray and give thanks.”

Source: Citizen Digital.

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