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Who’ll stop the rampant murders in Lango? 

Lira | Between December 31, 2023, to January 18, 2024, North Kyoga Region Police records showed that 18 people were murdered across Lango. 

From mid-January until March 2024, tndNews estimated that more than 30 have been murdered across the sub-region.

Although we (tndNews) have reached out to Police authorities to corroborate the estimated figures, we are yet to be given actual statistics.

“The trend is worrying, some cases might not reach us (Police). People are overwhelmed with problems and we think it’s why murder cases are high,” a senior Police officer who preferred not to be named because he’s not the regional PRO, said on Wednesday.

“Your request for actual figures will be provided by the rightful officer. Bear some patience,” he told tndNews.

The murder trend has been branded as “worrying and significant” to call for action.

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In the sub-region, people are being murdered by mobs, while others as a result of family misunderstanding or by gangs.

In a statement dated April 2, the North Kyoga Region PRO, SP Jimmy Okema, said territorial Police in Amolatar district was holding two suspects to help in the investigation of a suspected murder by a mob.

He identified the deceased as Obia Allan, 29, from Dilikup village, Atomoro parish, Awelo sub-county in Amolatar district.

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It’s alleged that Obia Allan, a Lango by tribe and peasant farmer of Adakogik village, Anamwany parish, Awelo sub-county stole two chickens of Okodi Isaac from Ayei village with intentions of taking them for sale at Alemere market.

“However, along the way to the market, he panicked when he was asked by some people, forcing him to reveal that he stole the chickens, he was then beaten badly by the group of people who later took him to the home of LC l Dilikup village identified as Angol Sam.

“The LCl later informed Ocen Joseph, the area LCl of the suspect’s village who came to pick him up, but along the way, the suspect died,” said SP Okema.

Exhibits like sticks used for beating were recovered, and suspected stolen chickens were also recovered and exhibited.

The deceased body was retrieved and taken to Amolatar Health Centre IV for postmortem, according to Okema.

“This is unacceptable conduct by the community members. We encourage the public to always liaise with the nearest Police for arrest, investigation and prosecution,” he added.

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