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Don Julio celebrates Kenyan film industry at inaugural Kalasha Awards after party

Nairobi | Don Julio, the renowned purveyor of premium tequila was proud to partner with D&R studios late last month to bring to life the first Kalasha After Party dubbed ‘A Night with The Stars’.

This participation marks a significant step in the brand’s ongoing commitment to fostering and celebrating artistic expression in Kenya, particularly in the film industry.

The Kalasha Awards is a culmination of a 4-day film festival that brings together local and international stakeholders and celebrates the excellence of those in the film industry.

 This year’s awards had the highest number of nominations since inception and displayed the continuous growth of the audio – visual and film industry in the country.

“Don Julio is honoured to toast Kenyan filmmakers’ achievements and are delighted to partner with D&R studios, a leader in the film industry to bring this celebration to life,” said Wambui Kibe, Brand Manager, Don Julio.

“We recognize the power of art to inspire, provoke thought, and ignite change. Through our support of events like these, we hope to amplify the voices of Kenyan filmmakers and artists, providing them with a platform to celebrate their exceptional work,” he added.

The post – awards soiree provided a relaxed atmosphere for connection and celebration for the guests from across the Kenyan film industry.

Don julio

The guests comprised of film makers, actors, government stakeholders and supporters who engaged in conversation to celebrate shared passions of the film industry.

D&R Studios CEO and Don Julio influencer Eugene Mbugua weighed in: “We are thrilled to be the host for the first ever after-party event for the Kalasha Awards. To bring players from government and the film industry together, celebrating each other and network is just proof that the film and TV Industry in Kenya is one to watch.

Don julio
Don Julio brand ambassador. Photo by Fifty Two.

“We are also excited to partner with some of the biggest brands in Kenya like EABL, Don Julio, to host one of the most exclusive and luxurious events.”

Don Julio extends congratulations to the awardees and nominees and invites everyone to raise a glass in celebration of Kenya’s film industry success. 

Published for Fifty Two on behalf of Don Julio

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