Pader locals survive on water sources overrun by maggots  

(Last Updated On: 29 March 2024)

Pader | Oyat George Obwoya, a councillor for Pukor sub-county to Pader district council says some villages in his area are using contaminated water. 

The local leader has called for “immediate intervention” while presenting his report before the council.

Oyat cited Owele and Pader Oket villages in Ogom sub-county where he revealed during a community engagement, he found that people drink water contaminated with maggots.



He has appealed to the district water department to rescue the situation.

Olanya Patrick, the Pader district water officer, said there is a need to treat contaminated water sources in the affected areas.

Additionally, he said they will discuss “some issues with the Ministry at a senior management level”.

The contaminated sources, he said, need to be treated.

In Pader, statistics indicate that safe water coverage is at 95%. Handwashing stands at 43% and the functionality rate of water facilities is at 74%.

By Regina Lalam Olal

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