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M&G champions sustainability as official stationery partner at Boao Forum for Asia

(Last Updated On: 28 March 2024)

Shanghai | Under the theme of “Asia and the World: Common Challenges, Shared Responsibilities,” the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2024 was held in Hainan, China on March 26.

M&G has been the forum’s official stationery supplier since 2005. As part of this partnership, M&G set up a Green Office Zone at the venue, offering top-quality office supplies and sustainable stationery products.

In response to the call for low-carbon transformation, M&G prepared eco-friendly stationery kits for the attendees. The barrel of the gel pen was made of Polylactic acid (PLA), fermented from corn and other starch-containing biomass.


The cover of the booklet was made with premium pull-up leather certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The paper used was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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At the same time, M&G launched its customized eco-friendly stationery service, to help more enterprises and organizations reduce the environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of the office.

The Chinese stationery giant hoped to enable more people to work and live more sustainably by embedding a sustainable attitude in everyday stationery products.

In 2021, M&G took the lead in China stationery industry to launch its sustainable development strategy.

M&G has carried out work proactively under the four strategic pillars of “sustainable products,” “response to climate change,” “sustainable supply chain,” and “empowering employees and communities,” achieving beneficial results, and taking a solid step toward “writing a sustainable business future.”

M&G has successfully launched a variety of eco-friendly products, including its first carbon-neutral stationery series made from recycled takeout container, the “Carbon Emission Reduction Plan” gel pens utilizing recycled plastic acrylic from old household appliances, and the Endangered Species Wetland series, made from PLA biodegradable materials or recycled materials, contributing to biodiversity conservation efforts.

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M&G is the leading player in the Chinese stationery market, leading in business scale, profitability, distribution coverage, research and product development. It has now become one of the largest stationery companies worldwide.

Every year, M&G Stationery invests around 100 million RMB into R&D, achieving over 1100 intellectual property claims.

Its strong distribution network covers 70,000 retail terminals, covering more than 80% of schools across China, and over 50 overseas countries.

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