39 ‘gangsters’ arrested in Lira City ahead of Easter  

(Last Updated On: 28 March 2024)

Lira | Ahead of March 31, 2024, joint security teams in Lira City say they have developed a strong operation mechanism to avert crimes. 

Under the command of SP Abel Rugaza, security has been pledged during Easter and beyond.

While addressing the media on Wednesday at Lira City Central Police Station, SP Abel Rugaza warned the wrong elements from disrupting the Easter celebrations.

He said security would not allow them, revealing the operation is forever.

Rugaza added that the young boys operating as gangsters are less than 35 years old, “and they have been lucky in their operation”.


“I have understood that this group of young gangsters conduct robberies, rapes, house breaks, piercing the body parts of those they meet in the night. Another thing is that they use sharp objects like knives and razor blades to injure people.”

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Out of those arrested are hardcore conmen and others under the “Owuwuk umbrella”. Security reports reveal that these gangs do highway robberies and several cases are reported to Police.

They carry out operations inside Bus Park, around Stabex; Kitgum stage, Tekulu Ojwina, Cuk-Atat, around YY bus terminal, and Wigweng, among other places.

Security officials are now encouraging the LCs to always go to the Police to help in identifying the wrong people among the suspects arrested.

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