“Birthdays are strange in politics”: Akena when asked about his mobilization tactics

(Last Updated On: 27 March 2024)

Kampala I UPC party President Akena Jimmy has said celebrating birthdays as a way of mobilizing masses for the party is strange in politics.

The UPC leader said this on Wednesday while responding to one singular question why his party’s not holding barrazas and birthdays as one way of mobilising the masses, and where does the party lie in other regions?  

“There is no party which has organized birthdays, no political parties organize birthdays. When you are talking about birthdays, it’s something which is strange in politics but we will get its definition as we move ahead but no party has organized birthdays.

“Those who started a war in Luwero did not start in the North, they didn’t start in the West, they went to Luwero. Luwero is a small part of Uganda. So, if I’ve started, mine is peaceful, mine is open, mine is democratic. I’m still going to move everywhere in Uganda,” Akena responded.

“So, where is UPC?” he asked, and answered: “UPC is going to be reaching everywhere on the same basis, no discrimination on what we are trying to do or what we have done in the past: that is where we are going.”

On the UPC aspirations and 2026, Akena said the Office of the Commander In Chief “is due to become vacant”, further adding, “People will be offering themselves for the position of Commander In Chief. That position shall be filled by the people of Uganda in early 2026.

“That position of the Commander In Chief is the highest…Uganda Peoples Congress will be fielding a candidate for the position of the Commander In Chief and after we have done that one we can address any other question concerning any offices below that of the Commander In Chief.”

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Below is Akena’s full statement on Oyam North and Dokolo district woman MP by-elections and his message for Easter.

The by-election for Dokolo District Woman Member of Parliament seat offered yet another best moment for the great vision and work that I launched during the 2010 Party Presidential race whose theme focused on rebuilding the Party’s firm foundation through grassroots mobilization. We have been very consistent on that path, which has guided us in the rebuilding processes of the Party amidst all the challenges at hand. 

That is why in the 2021 General Elections our overall focus was on Parliamentary and mainly local government positions (LCV Chairpersons, District Councilors, Division Mayors, Sub County Chairpersons and Councilors) where we won more seats. I want to commend the Party membership for having heeded this call that has had a positive effect of taking back the Party to the people’s hearts and homes which political pundits are referring to as “Party resurgence”.

The July 2023 Oyam North County by-election that the UPC Candidate Hon. Dr. Eunice Otuko Apio won gave us confidence and vigour that the Party was moving on the right path with grassroots mobilization. I want to bring to your attention that immediately after the Oyam North by-election, I launched the Party National Mobilization Tours at Apac Boma Grounds followed by the one for Amolatar towards the end of the year, 2023.

By the time the Dokolo Woman Member of Parliament Seat fell vacant, we had just finished our continuous mobilization tour activity in Dokolo District in January 2024. So, the Dokolo Woman MP by-election was yet another big opportunity for us, as a Party, to test the ground and see whether our mobilization was bearing any fruits.

I led the UPC team on ground for the entire campaign period, zeroed in on our message anchored on people’s welfare which message was well received and on March 21, 2024, the people of Dokolo made a big statement! This was so because we gave a deaf ear to detractors, stayed determined, committed to our cause and focused on moving the Party forward which continues to be our mission. 

On behalf of UPC and my own behalf, I congratulate the Dokolo District Woman MP-elect Hon. Sarah Aguti Nyangkori and the people of Dokolo for the landslide victory of the just concluded by-election. This convincing win indeed proves that the UPC Campaign Machine” is getting ready to roll out in full gear across the country as we focus on the 2026 general elections and beyond.

As stiff as it was during the campaigns, I want to send special thanks to UPC leaders at all levels, Members of Parliament, all Local Government Leaders on UPC ticket, National Party Headquarters and the entire membership for the high degree of unity exhibited in a congress spirit and giving the Party work priority amidst tight schedules.

Your efforts were and are being noticed and appreciated! The fruits are starting to be seen. I implore members to keep the energy and continue with the mobilization as the Party gets prepared for the 2026 General elections.

To Hon. Sarah Aguti Nyangkori, the Dokolo District Woman Member of Parliament elect, I wish you the best of service to the people of Dokolo and the country at large during your tenure of office. Let us now reconsolidate our efforts and actions for a better future.

Happy Easter Holidays

UPC joins all Christians in Uganda and across the world to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a great time of reflection, sacrifice and commitment to the core values of Christian faith that enables us to learn how to forgive each other and work together for the good of humanity.

Happy Easter!

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