Lessons from Dokolo will help us forward – Akena 

Kampala | Lessons from Oyam helped us in Dokolo, and lessons from Dokolo will help us forward, says UPC party president Jimmy Akena. 

Akena, who was hosted on NBS TV on Tuesday morning, discussed Oyam-Dokolo by-election triumphs, UPC and NRM affairs, including challenges facing political parties.

The Lira City East MP, Akena, said: “Personally, I feel we need strong viable political parties. If the party is going through internal issues, It does not hover well.

“We need viable parties outside UPC,” he says, adding, “In a situation where NRM is not in government I don’t know NRM will be able to stand on its feet. There are so many things that will not be able to take place.”

According to Akena, NRM’s existence is because it is a “State party”. “….that is not the way you can build democracy. We need NRM as a viable entity in its own right.”

The UPC leader thinks that to be able to serve the interests of Ugandans, the country needs to have strong political parties.

“NRM has made some steps but there are problems. I think you can check across the board. The recent registration did not go well, the registration that they were trying to do across the country did not go well in most places and that sends a signal that NRM as an entity is not viable.

Recently, Secretary General of NRM Richard Todwong said those who did not register in the party books will have an opportunity in May. 

“In another aspect, you find NRM offices only active during the election period, after that, they disappear, and many of them are closed.”

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Akena says the NRM party is not consistent, alluding that “there are things that take place only during election times which should not be the case”.

In less than a year, UPC has won over NRM in two by-elections held in Lango sub-region.

And as hinted by Akena, he and the UPC are ready to compete in any elections.

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