By-elections: Dokolo borrowed from Oyam to knock down NRM 

(Last Updated On: 23 March 2024)

Dokolo | The ruling NRM party on Thursday, March 21, lost another by-election in Lango sub-region amid “all they have” to secure victories. 

Adongo Janet Rose Elau (NRM) candidate for the Dokolo district woman MP by-election was defeated by Aguti Sarah Nyangkori of UPC party.

She came second with only 14,001 votes, less than what NRM candidate in the Oyam North MP, Samuel Okello Engola scored in July 2023.

 tndNews reminds you that Dokolo had two constituencies participating in the just-concluded polling.

At 10:12 pm on Thursday, the Returning Officer of Dokolo electoral district Erikwaine Stephen Ngobi declared UPC’s Nyankori as the newly and duly elected woman Member of Parliament for Dokolo district.

Erikwaine declared Aguti a winner after obtaining 23,044 votes.

Harriet Ageno (NUP) got only 727 votes while Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal (FDC) obtained 8,168 votes.

Others include Dr. Esther Akullu Obot (Ind) who obtained 790 votes and Rebecca Arao (Ind) came last with 439 votes.

A total of 173 polling stations across different sub-counties and town councils were used.

Speaking to the media, the woman Member of Parliament Elect pledged to work with everyone including her competitors to ensure service delivery to the people of Dokolo is achieved.

Aguti, who also promised not to leave anyone behind in her journey, described the election as “a free and fair exercise Lango sub-region has never witnessed”.

Similarly, on the polling day, the EC chairman Justice Simon Byabakama said Dokolo has set a benchmark for a peaceful election in the country.

Byabakama described Dokolo as “the best” and further described the polling exercise as “free and fair” with less than two hours to close voting.

Three-time contender for the same seat, Elau said that the election result did not meet the “party’s expectations”.

“We tried and did our best because this is not what we expected to receive. However, we as NRM are grateful and wish Sarah Aguti the best,” said Elau.

Elau also confirmed that she will not challenge the election result, noting that this is not her first defeat.

“Conflicts in the NRM party and from the NRM leading candidates led to this defeat. If we had joined efforts from the start, we would not have seen this defeat,” Elau added.

First-timer Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal now thinks that it is time to work together despite the defeat, noting that they should allow the people of Dokolo district to have a change in leadership.

Alwoc has called for support towards the newly elected Woman Member of Parliament.

“We need to allow Sarah Aguti to stamp her foot in Dokolo district and also for the people of Dokolo to experience her vision,” she added.

Just like Elau, independent candidate Rebecca Arao said she will not contest the results in court, describing the election as free and fair.

Asked about her next move in the 2026 general elections, Arao said that her name appearing on the ballot paper will depend on the resolution from their consultative meetings.

Dr Akullu Obot who came fourth has called for collective efforts to eradicate poverty in Dokolo district.

“Dokolo district is still grappling with poverty and eradication requires efforts from different stakeholders through introducing various income-generating projects to supplement the government projects in place,” she added.

Speaking to tndNews, James Acar, the focal point person of Lango Civil Society Network, described the whole election process as free, fair and transparent.

“The most important thing is that elections were conducted in a free and fair way, citizens participated and they participated in a way that they made their own decisions that were not based on political party or bribes accorded to them.

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“They analysed each candidate’s ability and potential for the people of Dokolo district,” Acar noted.

The Dokolo district woman Member of Parliament seat fell vacant following the death of Hon. Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal on January 18 while receiving treatment at an Indian hospital.

In July 2023, Dr Eunice Apio Otuko, a Member of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party was elected the Oyam North MP. 

That Legislative seat fell vacant in May following the murder of Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo who was also serving as the State Minister in the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

Dr Apio was declared the winner of the July 6 by-election by the Electoral Commission after garnering 15,718 of the total votes cast.

The NRM candidate and Macodwogo’s son Samuel Okello Engola who stood on the NRM ticket obtained 15,176.

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