Nyangkori wins Dokolo woman MP by-election

(Last Updated On: 22 March 2024)

Dokolo I The people of Dokolo have voted their new woman Member of Parliament to replace the late Cecilia Atim Ogwal who died on January 18, 2024.

The FDC lawmaker, Cecelia Ogwal, died aged 77 and was highly anticipated to be replaced by her daughter Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal.

Seven candidates were nominated to run for her seat before one abandoned the race.

Six would battle it out in the ballots. These were Dr Alwoc, Adongo Janet Elau of NRM, Ageno Harriet of NUP, Dr Esther Akullu Obot Otada (Ind), Rebecca Arao (Ind) and Aguti Shara Nyangkori.

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, Dokolo went to the poll.

Official results announced by the returning officer of Dokolo electoral district Erikwaine Ngobi gave Aguti the victory.

The NRM candidate obtained 14,001 votes while NUP’s got 727 votes only. Akullu obtained 790 while Arao obtained 439 votes only.

FDC candidate came third with 8168 votes. UPC’s Aguti obtained the highest number of votes, 23,044.

There were 47,169 total number of valid votes cast for all the candidates, 988 were invalid. Spoilt valid papers were 49.

Nyangkori was declared winner and MP-elect at 10:12 pm by the returning officer, Ngobi.

The woman MP-elect will in the ‘coming weeks’ take an oath to start her Legislative duties.

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