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Sound: Dokolo is the best – says EC chair

(Last Updated On: 21 March 2024)

Over 95,000 registered voters in Dokolo district are voting for their new woman MP today.

According to the Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Simon Byabakama, the people of Dokolo have shown political maturity.

In other updates, At Tetugo PAG church of Uganda polling station in Agwata Town Council, 174 out of 436 had cast their vote, according to the presiding officer Obel Tonny.

At Tetugo A polling station in Agwata Town Council, out of 436 registered voters, 174 had voted by 2 pm, according to Obel.

At Te Tetugo B, out of 731 registered voters, 315 voted by 2 pm.

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