Kole CAO aborts interview: resistance emerges on cash directive for his CDO bail  

(Last Updated On: 20 March 2024)

Kole I The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Kole Wamburu Soita Emmanuel on Wednesday chose to abort a phone interview with tndNews.

The publication had called the accounting officer to understand his reasons for directing civil servants to collect money to bail the apprehended senior town council officer.

After his directive last week, tndNews became aware that some civil servants in the district were against contributing money to bail a suspect ‘they know might plead guilty’.

On March 14, State House Anti-Corruption Unit and Police teams arrested the acting Community Development Officer (CDO) of Aboke Town Council Lucy Aciro Ejura. She would the following day be produced before the Magistrates Court and remanded.

Aciro was arrested for allegedly obtaining money meant to empower some women in Kole.

One of the allegations is that between January and May 2022, the accused obtained over shs1, 020,000 from Oryemcan Women’s Group by falsely pretending that she was the only one authorized to bank it.

The accused said she was going to bank their money in the Bank of Africa account.

In November 2023 at Aboke Town Council, she allegedly obtained shs480, 000 from Obanga Akica Women’s Group.

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“By the way, there seems to be substantial evidence to pin her and most likely she will be found guilty. What annoys me and some of my colleagues is that the CAO is directing us to contribute money to bail someone already privileged, someone who abused her office,” said a senior employee of Kole district local government.

Speaking on condition of anonymity due to fears of losing the job, the above staff added: “People are contributing as he directed but there is also resistance. We are working but people are poor.”

Since the CDO was apprehended and produced before Court, CAO Wamburu has intelligently told tndNews to stop questioning him.

“Please don’t engage me on what makes news for you. In case you are interested follow up with Police and Court or get more information from the district officially. Thank you,” a message from CAO when asked about his directive.

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Following his directive that “we get more information from the district officially”, on Wednesday, the publication made an official phone call to him.

“Good morning Chief, this is a phone call from tndNews. We would like to understand more about your directive to civil servants to contribute money for bailing CDO Aciro Lucy Ejura. You took the lead…”

While a reply was expected from him, the accounting officer, Wamburu, immediately “aborted the call” and would never pick up subsequent phone calls.

However, his directive is taking strides. As of Wednesday, March 20, 58 people had made contributions – giving a total of shs1,229,000 in cash and no pledge.

Kole before

In October 2023, the then CAO of Kole, Esau Ekachelan was arrested by State House Anti-Corruption Unit over an allegation of mismanagement of Parish Development (PDM) funds for SACCOs in Alito and Okwerodot sub-counties.

Esau’s arrest followed a corrupt discovery by Kole South MP Peter Ocen Akalo against CAO’s leadership.

That year, MP Ocen promised to have all civil servants involved in corruption in the district arrested and prosecuted.

Lead Reporter, Arao Denis

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