Some ADF elements have infiltrated the country – says UPDF 

(Last Updated On: 18 March 2024)

Kampala | In late October 2023, ten elements of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists under the command of Kamusi and Njovu infiltrated the country through Kasese district.

They later caused deaths to tourists, attacked Lhubiriha Secondary School and killed students, Col. Deo Akiiki, deputy defence spokesperson reminded the press on Monday.

He added that the terrorists were also responsible for burning a lorry carrying traders with their merchandise. “They later crossed to Kamwenge district and attacked innocent civilians.”

“These revenge acts of terrorism were occasioned by sustained joint operations of UPDF and FARDC (Armed Forces of the DRC) under Operation Shujaa and strategic airstrikes unleashed to ADF and their bases in areas of in Eastern DRC in areas of Mwalika Valley, Irumu, Mambasa and later in Komanda (Sector 4).

“Since then, the group was destroyed, and their commanders Kamusi and Njovu were killed and captured, respectively. Njovu is still undergoing trial in court,” Col. Akiiki revealed.

The joint intelligence forces, he said, have now confirmed that two days ago, another group they have been monitoring has infiltrated the country with the same mission.

“This group is suspected to be under the leadership or knowledge of one of the following ADF commanders with orders from the Tanzanian-born ADF bomb expert Ahamed Muhamood Hasssan aka Abu Waqas: Muhammed Issa, Amigo Kibirige aka Simba, Muhamad Lumisa, and Nasser Hamid Diiru.

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“Other sister security agencies have been put on high alert, informed of this terrorist mission and ready to protect Ugandans as we have done before. It is simply suicidal for these terrorists to continue making terrorism adventures into Uganda.”

Having been hit hard in areas of Kamanda about 146 km inside DRC, Col. Akiiki told the press on Monday that ADF has gone on a rampage in DRC killing civilians far away from where our forces are jointly operating with FARDC.

“We are sharing all plans with our counterparts including some of the proposals the two Heads of State (Uganda and DRC) shared on the employment of LDUs to stop these killings.

“The public is therefore informed that ADF still harbours the intention of sending terror groups in Uganda especially urban areas, places of worship, schools and public gatherings to cause mayhem.

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“We call upon all citizens to be vigilant, identify and report any suspicious individuals or packages to avoid being victims of ADF terror as we catch up with this group,” he concluded.

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