Rev. Father Okello Alfred endorsed for Dokolo North MP seat 

(Last Updated On: 18 March 2024)

Dokolo | On Sunday, March 17, 2024, a group of youths in Adok sub-county Dokolo North endorsed Rev. Father Alfred Okello for Dokolo North MP seat in 2026.

According to the young men, through Rev. Father, they will receive service delivery directly from the government.

“The future of this country is in the hands of the young generation,” he said. “That’s why I want to promote football skills among our youth who have talent in playing football,” he added.

The Rev. Father told tndNews he is encouraging youths to consider God for them to achieve what they want in the future.

He donated a set of uniforms to Dubai FC and Bardyang Football team and encouraged them to aim for bigger leagues. Football is the only way of bringing people together, he stated.

“My humble request to the government is to allow our local community to use wetlands for cultivation with care because we have some crops that need wetlands. Rice, sugar cane, and yams. This can help people get out of poverty.”

 According to him, Dokolo district is gifted by God with many resources like forests and swamps. Father Okello said water consumed by the people of Lira City comes from Kacung.

 Another good thing is that Agwata forest is boosting construction in the region.

“I’m not happy with some of our leaders who have failed to embrace service delivery to the local community,” he said.

He claims that “some investors have changed the name of ‘Kacung forest’ to Busoga. “I’m not happy about that.

Team captain of Dubai FC, Kizito Okot Okot, welcomed the motive by the Rev. Father to promote skills and talents among youths.

Patrick Ogwang is the LC1 chairperson of Teacie. He said, “These are the kinds of leaders that we need in future.”

“I’m now requesting the community to provide Land so that a community school can be opened to save the lives of our young generation who move long distances to schools through the highway.”

Dokolo North has eight sub-counties, two of which are town councils. The current MP is Moses Ogwal Goli of NRM.

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