Dokolo Decides: Dr Rosemary Alwoc’s Monday schedules 

Dokolo | On Tuesday, March 19 at 5 pm, candidates for Dokolo district woman MP seat by-election are expected to complete their week-long campaigns. 

While launching the elections roadmap last month, Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi, chairperson of the electoral commission announced that nominated candidates were to campaign for a week.

Until Sunday, seven candidates were in the race to succeed “Iron Lady” – Cecilia Atim Ogwal.

On Monday, one candidate who had opted to stand on an independent ticket but with a huge affiliation to the NRM party threw her towels.

Some of the remaining candidates are Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal (FDC), the daughter of the late Cecilia and who is highly regarded to succeed her mother.

Others in the race are Aguti Sarah Nyangkori of UPC, Janet Adongo Elau of NRM, and Dr Esther Akullu Obot (Ind), among others.

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With only one day-to-end of all the rallies, here are places Dr Alwoc and her teams will go to today.

Bata Sub-county:

  • Ocero, Tee-Ilwa Town Council, at 9:30 am
  • Atabu, Adaa Town Council, at 11:00 am

Okwalongwen Sub-county:

  • Okwalongwen Town Council, at 12:30 pm
  • Aluti at 2:30 pm

Dokolo Town Council:

  • Abur at  3:30 pm
  • Acenalworo at 4:00 pm
  • Mayor’s Garden*

The eligible voters of Dokolo district will elect their new woman MP on Thursday, March 21.

Dr Rosemary Alwoc
Dr Alwoc supporters at a rally last week.

Polling stations are expected to open by 8 am and close before 6 pm.

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