NRM Lawyer says party prepared for Obal’s court showdown 

(Last Updated On: 17 March 2024)

Five days after the NRM member and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s advisor on youth affairs, Daniel Obal dragged the ruling party and eight others to High Court, the 3rd and 9th defendants have spoken. 

According to the civil suit, Kato Gabriel, chairperson of the NRM PWDs league and a member of the Central Executive Committee of NRM, is the 3rd defendant.

NRM is defendant number 9. First to speak about the suit and other critical matters in the party was Kato.

Read his interview with tndNews here. 

Similarly, on Sunday, March 17, tndNews Milton Emmy Akwam reached out to the director of legal affairs at NRM Enoch Batata.

The NRM you serve as director of legal affairs was jointly sued with 8 others. May we know how prepared you and the team are to argue in court? Akwam asked him.

“…Indeed a case was filed against the NRM alleging several matters. We are well prepared to defend the case. At this moment I cannot discuss the details of the matter as it is sub judice.

Two, I also understand most of the appointed staff at the secretariat, including you whose contracts expired continue to work. How true is this claim?

“With regard to the employed staff of the party, all staff are properly employed. My appointment started in February 2023. Their claims in this regard hold no water,” counsel Batata said.

The High Court has yet to fix a date for hearing the case.

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