MPs Aceng, Acon and the supported sick woman (top-left).

MPs Acon, Aceng contribute cash for woman with colon problem 

Lira | Otuke East MP Julius Acon has followed in the footsteps of Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero, Lira City woman MP in supporting Christine Awekonimungu. 

Christine has been admitted to the female surgical ward at Lira Regional Referral Hospital after a surgical injury in her colon.

She was given a temporary outlet through her colostomy.

When her video went viral on social media recently, Lira City woman MP who doubles as Minister of Health, Dr Aceng, through her aide gave shs300,000.

A few days after her generous donation, MP Acon followed, giving shs100,000 for support.

Acon’s shs100,000 was sent to the Minister who immediately gave it to her aide who delivered it to the sick woman.

Christine says she still needs more financial support, further appealing to other Members of Parliament and well-wishers to support her just like Acon and Dr Aceng.

“I was touched with the wounds I showed on her. She’s like anyone I have been helping in Otuke,” Acon told tndNews.

“When I heard that Dr Jane contributed, I also came in and sent my small support through her and it was delivered,” he added.

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Acon is urging well-wishers to come in and support people like Christine when they are still alive.

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