Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal during her nomination on March 11.

Why does MP Okot want Dokolo to vote for Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal? 

(Last Updated On: 16 March 2024)

Dokolo I On March 15, 2024, in Amwoma sub-county, Kyoga County Member of Parliament Moses Okot Bitek addressed a mammoth crowd of supporters of the FDC flag bearer, Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal in Dokolo.

Okot is in Dokolo with other FDC party leaders seeking support from the electorates to vote for Dr Alwoc who is contesting to replace her late mother Cecilia Atim Ogwal. The Iron Lady died on January 18.

In his address, MP Okot told voters why Dr Alwoc is best suited to replace her mother, and how the late helped him out of trouble whenever he spoke bitter truth against Parliament and President Museveni.

Only the late Cecilia, Okot said, would bail him out. “She [Imat] would say, ‘he is my son, leave him’.”

He asked the crowd to give their votes to Dr Alwoc so she could help him in Parliament and continue with the good work her mother was already doing.

“We [Lango] have 32 Members of Parliament. Out of 32, Odur Jonathan of UPC, I and Imat Cecilia have been very vocal in the House. But the rest are always mute,” MP Okot said to the thunderous applause from the crowd.

Dr Alwoc is competing with UPC’s Aguti Susan Nyangkori, NRM’s Adongo Janet Elau and four others.

 Speaking about Akena who has promised to be in Dokolo until the last electoral exercise is done on March 21, and his ambition to run for President in 2026, Okot laughed.

“I hear Akena is telling you he’s going to run for President. If Akena stands for President, I promise to castrate myself. There are bulls in a kraal – one is called ‘Audu’ – a castrated bull and will never allow any well-functioning bulls to mount a cow to make her pregnant. 

“Audu is always kicking such bulls.

“In 2006, he [Akena] said he was running for President, did he?” he asked, to a “No” response from the crowd. 

“In 2011, Akena said he was running for President, did he?” “No”, responded the crowd.

“In 2016, he said he was running for President, did he?” “No”, answered the crowd. 

“And in 2021 he said the same, did he?” “No”, answered the crowd.

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MP Okot reminded the gathering that when he went to Parliament in 2021, he told the people of Lango that he would run for the position of Deputy Speaker and he achieved it.

“Didn’t I get over 80 votes?” He asked, pausing a question, “Don’t you think I can ask for votes to run the country if I want?”

According to MP Okot, for him to ask for votes and support to run for the Presidency, he needs competent and forthright Members of Parliament like Dr Alwoc.

“Lango used to be respected and feared when we had the likes of the late Dr Okullo Epak, when he had Ben Wacha and Cecilia. Now look, because you [the voters] have lowered the quality of leadership, I hear a secretary to the chief [Nyangkori] is contesting to replace Imat Cecilia.

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“Can a secretary to the chief speak in a Parliament where I Okot is a Member?” he asked, adding: “Today is not my day; I have brought to you Rosemary. If you think I am deceiving you, I have studied Law, Rosemary also studied Law and her first Degree was in Law.”

The Kyoga County MP told Dokolo that there are now over 500 MPs from 100 during the Constituent Assembly time, unfortunately today, he said, some go and come back without presenting issues affecting their people.

To him, Dr Rosemary Alwoc is such an MP who will represent the voices and present critical issues for the people of Dokolo. 

Some of the supporters of FDC candidate on her nomination day. Photo by Joel Okao.

Seven women are in the race to succeed the former Iron Lady.

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