Exclusive: Kole CAO directs staff to contribute money to bail CDO Ejura

(Last Updated On: 16 March 2024)

Kole | On Friday, March 15, 2024, Grade One Magistrates Court in Kole remanded the acting community development officer (CDO) of Aboke town council Lucy Aciro Ejura.

The CDO was remanded to Kole government prison until April 24, 2024.

Sserwadda Angella, the Magistrate Grade One read four different charges against Ejura.

It’s alleged that between January and May 2022, the accused obtained over shs1,020,000 from Oryem Can Women’s Group by falsely pretending that she was the only one authorised to bank it and that she was going to bank it for them in the Bank of Africa account.

Another offence was that in November 2023 at Aboke town council, she obtained shs480,000 from Obanga Akica Women’s Group.

Between May 2020 and January 2023, she allegedly obtained over shs7,016,000 from Okole Women’s Group by falsely pretending that it was a period of COVID-19.

The last charge was that Aciro Lucy in August 2023 at Aboke town council again obtained over shs608,000 from Aparango Women’s Group by falsely claiming that she was the only one authorised to bank it.

On Friday, State Anthony of Kole Kahuame Chris Mwesamze rejected her bail request, averring that it was going to disorganise their investigation.

Kahuame asked the presiding judge to give them some time to come out with a positive investigation of the case.

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Aciro Lucy Ejura was arrested on Thursday, March 14, 2024, in the evening by the Anti-corruption Unit.

She was immediately taken to Lira Central Police Station until Friday afternoon when she was transferred back to Kole where she appeared in Court.

Aciro being led to the court cell after she was remanded for 40 days. Photo by Arao Denis.

What is now happening? 

After CDO’s arrest, the Chief Administrative Officer of Kole, Wamburu Soita Emmanuel, summoned his technical staff for immediate action.

tndNews understands that CAO directed his technical staff to contribute money for Ejura’s bail.

“Sorry for the arrest of our CDO Lucy Achiro, I suggest that we make a contribution to support her to be released as soon as possible. I requested Hof receive our contribution and mobilise us further to cover legal costs. My contribution is 100,000,” a message from CAO reads.

By Saturday morning, more than shs900,000 was already raised.

Below is a message sent to staff on Thursday on the directive of CAO Soita. 

“Good evening colleagues,

“As you’re well aware, one of our friends Aciro Lucy Ejura, Ag. Senior Community Devt Officer of Aboke Town Council has been arrested & taken to Police custody by the Police and Anti-Corruption Unit, waiting to be summoned tomorrow in the court of Law.

“However, plans are underway to see her out. Therefore, you’re hereby requested to give in your financial support to bail her out.

“Thanks mgt.

Financial support to bail Ag. Senior Community Devt Officer Aciro Lucy Ejura.

Wamburu Soita Emmanuel (CAO) 100,000✅

Ojede Joseph 50,000✅

Apio Joyce Agena 10,000✅

Ogwal Abraham 50,000✅

Olyet Moses 20,000✅

Anonymous 50,000✅

Obwona Amos 30,000✅

Nambwila Barnabas 50,000✅

Oding Francis 11,000✅

Akullu scovia 11,000✅

Akoli Susan 10,000✅

Onyik Sam 11,000✅

Apio Grace Aweri 10,000✅

Ogwang Moses Ray 52,000✅

Okwir Lamack 14,000✅

Oyap Denis 21,000✅

Dr. Olwol Herbert 15,000✅

Obua Amos 6,000✅

Adupa Bridget 11,000✅

Etua Leclanche 10,000✅

Kenyatta Moses 20,000✅

Odur Musa 20,000✅

Auma Norah 10,000✅

Akwam Bonny 11,000✅

Enyeny Sylvester 20,000✅

Akello Miriam 10,000✅

Akello Florence 10,000✅

Epila Dora 10,000✅

Odongo Sam 10,000✅

Alubi Harriet 30,000✅

Ongom Moses 21,000✅

Opio Richard 50,000✅

Ejura Bonny 10,000✅

Ojut Julius 19,000✅

Otim Maclean 26,000✅

Ogweng Lawrence 20,000✅

Ongel Tonny 11,000✅

Okello Macob Francis 11,000✅

Kia Esther 20,000✅

Hon. Ajok Patricia 15,000✅

Araca Lydia 10,000✅

Ebong Francis 15,000✅

Akello Nancy 11,000✅

Akec Teddy 11,000✅

Okare Tom 50,000✅

Cash ✅ 992,000=

Pledge 🅿️00

Total 992,000=

They are sending money to MM No. 0779010858 in the name of Apio Joyce Agena.

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